Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pizza Party

Please Enjoy Dave in the Kitchen, it's a "Pizza Party" Special guest, Basil O. will grace the
Kitchen. 3 meals in one show. "Fresh Pita Pizza", "Chicken-Sausage Pizza", and "Fruit-Granola Delight". Please use safety precautions while using sharp knives. All Ingredients are Listed Below. Have fun, It's a Pizza Party. Coming to a Kitchen Near You!

"Fresh Pita Pizza" (No Bake)
-Whole Wheat Pita Pocket Bread
-Lowfat Cottage Cheese
-Fresh Basil Leaves
-Fresh Tomato
-(Optional) Lean Cold Cut Lunch meat (Turkey,Chicken,Ham,orBeef)

"Fruit-Granola Parfait Delight"
-1 Box Low-Fat Granola
-Light Whipped Cream

"Chicken-Sausage Pizza" (Measurements depend on Pizza size) (Please check Cookbook)

(Pizza Dough)
-All Purpose Flour
-Baking soda
-Brown Sugar
-Canola oil

(Pizza Sauce)
-Tomato Paste
-Diced Tomato's
-Basil Herbs

(Meat Toppings) Pre-cooked
-Lean Sausage Links / Ground Sausage Meat
-Chicken tendons / Chicken Breast strips
- Cheese (Mixed shredded Cheese)

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