Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dave's Secret Recipe

Welcome back to the kitchen. Please watch Dave unveil his secret recipe. Dave will prepare his "Ground Turkey Pasta", "Sweet Potato Salad", and for dessert, "Cheese Cake Berry snacker". In addition to cooking, Dave will inform us with Food Education. Please exercise safety in the kitchen. Enjoy!

Ground Turkey Pasta:
-lean ground turkey
-green onions, white onions, yellow onions
-Goya (frozen vegetables)
-Red Tomato sauce
-Whole Wheat Pasta
black pepper, dash herbs blend, seasons blend spices, maggie cubes, and dried hot peppers

Sweet Potato Salad:
-sweet potato
-sour cream
-Goya (frozen vegetables)

Cheese Cake Berry Snacker:
-1 box Honey Graham crackers
-cream cheese
-strawberry/raspberry preserves

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